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    We are a team of young lecturers in love with virtual reality and design!
  • IdeasCAD @ University of Oviedo
    Our main room is the "Campus de Gijon" which belongs to University of Oviedo. Beautiful city, huh?

We research in, serious games, eco-design processes, virtual reality

As lecturers we invest some of our time to discover new things and develope new ideas related to graphics.

Virtual Reality

We are specialists in the basis of stereographic vision an its application to virtual reality


and biomimicry. Decreasing the environmental impact of products and being inspired by Nature

Serious Games

We develop serious games for mobile platforms and CAVEs.

We work in the Gijon Polytechnic School of Engineering
where we have several facilities

Very interested in collaborating on our research topics with companies!

As engineers we want to transfer our research to companies interested in them.

Generative Design
C# programming
Stereo Libraries
Optimized Design
Low impact Design
Unity Applications



Belén Prendes

PhD Engineer



Virtual Reality Room

The Virtual Reality Room gathers a set of different Virtual Reality and Computer Vision devices availables for scientific research at the University of Oviedo. It’s located at IdeasCAD seminar. The main device is the CAVE, but there are many others.

We are anxious for sharing these equipments with other researchers. Private companies may also want to test their products using these technologies. There are many different ways to find a way to collaborate. Please contact us.

Download this pdf with more information

3D Prototyping Room

The 3D Prototyping Room is located close to IDEASCAD seminar. It's a small and cute room with some devices to create prototypes: Two kits of a famous RepRap work-in-progress printers, CNC, shredders, plastic extruders for recycling PLA and lot of fun and energy!

This is our CAVE
the place where we make dreams come true


10 years of teaching engineering graphics
Passioned about every project!

As teachers we are very involved in the way our students learn and they are taught the cutting edge technologies in design.

Here you have the current courses we are going to deliver

Impresión 3D creativa

2 Octubre - 31 Mayo

Estamos presenciando una revolución tecnológica: la impresión 3D. Tras varios años en la industria, esta nueva tecnología se adentra poco a poco en los hogares facilitando la creación de prototipos propios. Sin embargo, dominar la tecnología requiere una nueva formación: es necesario conocer la electrónica, mecánica y sobre todo la forma de generar esos nuevos diseños, para poder exprimir al máximo las grandes ventajas que nos va a deparar.


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IdeasCAD Research Group


Universidad de Oviedo

Edificio Departamental Oeste 6.1.27

Campus de Gijon - 33203

Telephone: +34 985 18 26 43

Fax: +34 985 18 22 30

Email: ideascad [at] uniovi.es

N: 43,52438º


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